Major HR Business Maps

In order to facilitate and inform the NSHE iNtegrate2 Project, UNLV Human Resources has generated the following set of business process maps to describe major business activities in the unit. A singular mapping style known as a cross-functional flow diagram is used as the basis for all HR maps. Titles for each diagram correspond to the finalized list identified at the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) iNtegrate2 Steering Committee, HR and Finance Sub-Committees, and the Business Process mapping subcommittee. The section headers for this page represent where accountability and responsibilities of the functional activities reside within UNLV Human Resources.

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Benefits | Compensation | Employee Relations & Staff Development
Employment | Salary Administration | Systems

Clearance Process (PDF)
Declines Health Insurance (PDF)
Leave Tracking (PDF)
Orientation Process (PDF)
Requests Supplemental Insurance (PDF)
Requests Supplemental Retirement (PDF)
Analysis of Valid NPD19 for Classified Recruitments (PDF)
Classified Staff Evaluation Appraisal and Merit Data (PDF)
Position Creation (PDF)
Professional Job Development (PDF)
Salary Surveys (PDF)
Employee Relations & Staff Development
Administrative Faculty Evaluations (PDF)
Classified Release from Probation (PDF)
Classified Staff Notification of Appraisal Process (csnap) (PDF)
Notice of Non-Reappointment (PDF)
Notice Period Change (PDF)
Unemployment Processing (PDF)
Classified Position Elimination (PDF)
Manage Recruiting Costs (PDF)
Recruiting Administrative Faculty (PDF)
Recruiting Existing Classified (PDF)
Recruiting New Reclassified Old NPD19 (PDF)
Salary Administration
Classified Account Number Change Requests (PDF)
Classified Reclassifications (PDF)
Classified Temp Salary Adjustments (PDF)
I9s (PDF)
Roster Verification and Merit Cola Application (PDF)
Student PAF Processing (PDF)
Blank For Interviews (PDF)
Generate Integrity Reports (PDF)
Manage Organizational Changes (PDF)
Manage Personnel Information (PDF)
Manage Unpaid Leave (PDF)
UNLV HRMS Employees to PS (peoplesoft) for NSHE ID (PDF)